Water Heater Repair

Repair or Replace?

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If you’re experiencing issues with your water heating leaking or simply running inefficiently, our expert plumbing technicians at Fisher Plumbing & Heating LLC can help extend it's life, saving you a lot of money. You can expect professional and efficient service from our team, no matter the issue you are facing with your water heater. We service the Meadville, PA; Edinboro, PA; Conneaut Lake, PA & areas. Contact us today for service you can rely on!


Signs Your Water Heater is Not Working Correctly

When you first start experiencing issues with your unit, it is best to take action right away so that the problem doesn’t get any worse. There are a few indicators to look for that will tell you something is not right. The most obvious clue that your unit isn’t functioning as it should, is a lack of hot water! If your shower water is lukewarm or it takes longer than usual to get hot water from the tap, your unit needs to be repair or replaced. When your water heater is making a popping, creaking, or rumbling noise, this is also a sign that something is wrong. Another factor is cloudy water. Murky, cloudy water and bad smelling water are both indicators that it is failing. Another common indicator to look out for is the tank leaking water. If you see a pool of water beneath your unit, you should call Fisher Plumbing & Heating right away. If a leaking water heater is not taken care of right away, it can lead to much bigger problems.

For water heater service, repair or installation, call the experts at Fisher Plumbing & Heating today!